The economy is knowledge driven and market is highly competitive which leads to an environment of constant innovation. ...

Paradigm shifts towards R&D and innovation driven economy means that inventive ideas or concepts to improve an existing feature or to add a useful new feature to your product or develop a totally new product which would mean that you invariably create new or improved technology or adapt existing technology to meet your emerging needs and stay ahead.

It is prudent to take adequate and timely steps to protect the creative idea, concept or knowledge by converting it into a proprietary technical advantage by patenting it.

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About us

Don’t leave A Break Through For Others To Break IN

The name “IP-NNATE” succinctly captures the meaning of an inborn/natural (INNATE) expertise towards Intellectual Property (IP).

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What We Offer

We are here to offer our expertise and not just services.

Do not be surprised at how many aspects of your business can be protected. Your name and logo, designs, inventions, works of creative or intellectual effort or trademarks that distinguish your business are different forms of IP which all can be protected.


'intellectual property (IP)' is defined as the property resulting from creations of the human mind, the intellect.

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Trade Mark

A trademark is a sign or a combination of signs that is used to distinguish the goods or services of one enterprise from those of another.

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An industrial design is generally the ornamental or aesthetic aspects of a product.

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Specialized Services

Industry Sectors

There cannot be a standard strategy in IP which can cater to all industries, therefore the emphasis is given to intricacies involved in specific industries and devising strategies infused with best industry practices.


Developing a new drug and successfully bringing it to market is risky, lengthy and expensive venture which makes IP rights an essential mechanism for continued innovation of new medicines which depends on patent protection to support its investments into medical research

EV’s (Electric Vehicles)

Electric vehicles (EV) embrace a huge range of technologies including vehicle architecture, new components, e.g., electric motors, batteries, etc., and new infrastructure, e.g., related to charging and seeing the push from government for a greener means of transportation brings IP to centre stage


The pace at which automotive-related technologies evolve is stunning (e.g. BSIV to BSVI), protecting and defending intellectual property rights is top of mind for all OEMs and suppliers hence automotive businesses need partners—like IPNNATE—with in-depth industry and strong technical knowledge and legal acumen to successfully protect their invaluable intellectual assets.

Additive & Lubricant

Attempts to make renewable lubricants from abundant raw materials are key to efficient lubricants leading making them invaluable intellectual assets which required to be protected and to have much required competitive edge.

Consumer Products & FMCG

This sector thrives on the brand image and enjoys the fruits of loyalty from consumers who strongly gets attached to the brand, this sector is a hugely competitive where the importance of the brand cannot be underestimated. Consumers now have an unprecedented level of choice and manufacturers have to differentiate their products from the competition if they are going to be successful.

Information Technology

Information and Communication Technology industries are among the most dynamic and innovative segments of modern economies and relationship between information and Communication technology with intellectual property laws is wide-ranging and complex, ever changing area of law.


Introducing teams to Intellectual Property rights and its intricacies, introducing to Patent search as a tool for technology mining. Highlighting the economic significance of IP through real-time case studies.Breaking down the practical challenges in IP practice and procedures.


Paradigm shift towards government policies such as Make in India movement gives a massive boost to start ups and MSME’s, indeed it is the need of the hour to stay competitive and provide a conducive environment for the business to grow.

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